True or false? European Chinese path.

1_AD_to_2003_AD_Historical_Trends_in_global_distribution_of_GDP_China_India_Western_Europe_USA_Middle_EastI got this leak meeting an aquaintence of mine. He’s an english man. His name is Anthony and he’s working for one the State Agency of his country. That’s all. He’s concerned about historical British colonialism as well as the so-called Chinese path. I know he’s well informed about chinese matters. Anyhow, we cannot judge this piece if we don’t settle it into a recognizable frame. This frame has to be global competition. Nothing else. And, of course, this leak it is like walking over a thin ice surface. Everybody are playing their cards. Nobody are able to tell the future.

The business is working as follows:

1-they got financed by State banks, State owned banks, by hugecredit lines at a quite cheap interest rate: 7,50 %. These credit lines are given on a decade basis (20, 30 or more years payback, even without any end);

2- this is useful to establish economical and property basis here in Europe as well as in the USA. Their target is to have a Chinese presence in our countries as a wall of protection and offence to enrich China.

3-what’s the business for China? Eluding taxes, therefore, laundry money, eluding labour laws that means, once again, no taxes for welfare. Then, avoiding paying rents or general expences strictly patroling their money, always investing and re-investing within their communities.

4-swindling european financing fund system. Therefore getting money for environmental industry as well as for european community industrial, artisanal, commercial and agricultural businesses.

5-the business is ruled by a State criminal project that aims to impoverish western countries in order to benefit China.


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