Laura Barbuto’s art: a narrow passage for a wide concept.

laura barbuto, pittrice, arte contemporaneaMind and soul. Thought and material ability. Hands ability. This is Laura Barbuto’s art content. A slight breath of life cheerishing your cheeks. A watchful use of watercolours composes her overall drawings, one better than the other, just to tell you the truth. I’ve been checking her artworks for a long time, trying to understand what’s her painting aim and working reasons why. You know, I think there are no external or rational reasons why you are painting or making your mind up to draw and paint. There is an inner reason to paint and draw, and there is a deep talent issue. A pleasure to do it.

She refuses any kind of wannabes attitude to immediately divert to a substantial and meaningful artwork. I already met a type of artworks very close to Laura’s point of view and proper artcrafts. They were innervated by global awareness, a full body-brain integration, fullfilled by a balanced number of acts and feelings. The result was a perfect summary of different ingredients. Which is the same kind of ingredients that compose every human life. This is, at the same time, far east philosophical point of view. The perfect balance among contrasts.

This is Laura Barbuto’s Blog, and here below a brief explanation about her painting process.

I use acid-free paper, natural white not bright white. The weight depends on the size and what result I want, it varies between 300 and 620 gr. I don´t like very light paper. I usually prefer the paper with texture, cold press or rough, but I use hot press paper as well sometimes. I like the possibilities of transparency and to play with heavier and lighter bits in my paintings. Normally I have an idea in my head and work with a series until that idea is exhausted. That usually takes months of work. I hope I have answered your questions. Regards! Laura.

Best wishes Laura, hoping to admire your artworks in person.


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