Nella Corea del Sud c’è lo schiavismo. Soprattutto se sei disabile!

schiavismo, sud corea, disabiliPersone mentalmente disabili, rapite e fatte lavorare in campi remoti del sud est del paese. Il governo sud coreano aveva già promesso di risolvere la questione, tuttavia, nulla è stato fatto e nulla è cambiato. Ma leggiamo attentamente la testimonianza di questo lavoratore forzato e disabile, di nome Kim.

Kim, visually disabled and described in court documents as having the social awareness of a 12-year-old, had no money, no cellphone and only the vaguest idea of where he was.

The afternoon of his first full day on the farm, Hong erupted as Kim struggled with the backbreaking work, according to the prosecutors’ indictment that a judge based Hong’s sentence on. The owner grabbed him from behind and flipped him onto the ground, screaming, “You moron. If I knew you’d be so bad at this, I wouldn’t have brought you here.”

In the next weeks, Hong punched him in the face for not cleaning floors properly. He beat him on the buttocks with a wooden plank for raking the salt in the wrong way.

“Each time I tried to ask him something, his punch came first,” Kim told the AP. “He told me to use my mouth only for eating and smoking. He said I shouldn’t question things and should be thankful because he fed me and gave me lodging and work.”

Un bel primato a base di diritti umani, non c’è che dire, per una delle cosiddette Tigri asiatiche, ferma alleata dell’Occidente.



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